Talks concluded. No outcome. Strike call stands. Let’s prepare for a successful strike to settle our demands.

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साथियों जे ऐ सी के आह्वान पर 27 नवंबर 2014 को एक दिन की हड़ताल को सफल बनायें I

मुख्य मांगे-

1   पी एल आई [बोनस] का भुगतान I

2   नियमित मजदूरों / ग्रुप डी का स्टेगनेशन  I

3   1 / 1 /2007  के उपरांत नियुक्त कर्मचारियों के वेतन में कमी I

4    एन ई पी पी   की कठिनाइयों एव कष्टों का समाधान I

5    एलटीसी,छुट्टी नगदीकरण तथा चिकित्सा भरतों का रिस्टोरेशन I

6    78 .2 % आई डी ऐ मर्जर के एरियर का भुगतान I

7     अनुकम्पा नियुक्ति के कष्टों का निवारण I

हमारी उचित मांगों पर मैनेजमेंट का अड़ियल रवैय्या हमें इस संघर्ष के लिए मजबूर कर रहा है और ये हमारे लिए करो या मरो  का मसला बन गया है और हमें एकजुट होकर लड़कर इस लड़ाई को जीतना है I

कामरेड एम एल शर्मा

परिमंडल सचिव,पंजाब




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Amendment in BSNL Employees Transfer Policy : Click here.

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Grand celebration of NFPTE 60 years in jalandhar by NFTE jalandhar SSA under the chairman ship of Sukhwinder Singh Sukhi Br.Secy GMT Branch Jalandhar.The members of NFTE SSA Jalandhar calibrated this occasion with great enthusiasm. Com Shakti Kumar Distt, Secretary traced out the history of the foundation of NFPTE and NFTE BSNL at this time he remembered the glorious role played the great leaders of NFTE Com O P Gupta, Com Chander Sheikher, Com S Jagan, Com M V Vichare, Com P.S Dua Com Vankatia etc. Click Here

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The NFPTE (National Federation of Postal and Telegraph Employees) was formed on 24th November 1954. The young generation should know the cherishable events of P & T Trade union history as how our forefathers organised movements in P & T. Let us hold celebration meetings in all the districts on the 24th November to commensurate the sacrifices, struggles and achievements of our great leaders.



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BSNL to recruit 962 Junior Accounts Officers through open competitive Examination.     Advertisement copy.

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NFTE and BSNLEU have expressed their protest to the Management on its attitude of inviting only the two Recognised Unions for talks while the Strike Call was by JAC. No talks took place with the Management today.  Convenor’s letter to DIR (HR).

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Notice for indefinite Strike from 3rd February, 2015 by BSNL Executive and Non-Executives. Click Here

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Modification sought in transfer policy.  Click Here

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For kind and urgent attention of District Secretaries:-

1. Hold JAC meetings of all non-executive unions in BSNL on 18th November and gear up the                   preparations for one day strike on 27th November in favour of charter of demands. Mobilise the             employees for participation and success of the strike.

2. Hold lunch hour demonstration and gate meeting on 20th November at all levels. Every employee         be contacted to participate in the programme. It is abundant duty of NFTE leaders to take the                 representatives and leaders of all other unions and move together for success of the struggle.

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