As per decision of All Unions and Associations meeting at Delhi on 14th November 2017, a meeting of all Unions and Associations existing in Punjab Circle was held on 18/11/2017 at Circle Office, Chandigarh. Com. Surjit Singh, C/Secy.NFTE BSNL, Com Darshan Singh Dardi, C/Secy. SEWA BSNL, Com Balbir Singh, C/Secy. BSNLEU, Com Amarjit Singh, C/Secy. SNEA , Com Ashwani Kumar on behalf of AIBSNLEA and Com Vikas Gupta, C/Secy. AIGTOA participated in the Meeting. The Meeting discussed the means and ways to make the following agitational programme a grand success.

  1. Human Chain on 23/11/2017. 
  2. Two Days Strike on 12th and 13th December 2017.


a) Wage Revision from 01/01/2017 with 15% fitment.

b) Settlement of left out issues of Second Wage Revision.

c) Opposing formation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

The meeting took following important decisions.

  1. The call of the all Unions and Associations to make human chain justifying wage revision for BSNL employees and necessity of existing BSNL/Public Sector in the interest of public and in the interest of the country, shall be conducted in each district.
  2. During the human chain programme, pamphlets justifying wage revision for the BSNL employees and necessity BSNL/Public sectors will be distributed in the public.
  3. The pamphlets will be prepared centrally at Ludhiana and will be supplied to all district unions and associations by 22nd November.
  4. Circle level meeting/convention of all unions and Associations will be held at Ludhiana on 28th November 2017 at Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Auditorium , Gill Road, Ludhiana. Any change will be conveyed in advance to all the participants.
  5. The participation in the meeting/convention is must for each district for all Unions/Associations. The meeting/convention will start at 11.30 AM and will be concluded by 2.00 PM.
  6. Central Leaders of Unions/Associations will address the meeting/Convention.
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